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You believe in me like nobody else


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Others seem like plain shadows compared to you. They’re just black and white, whereas you’re so colorful, so vibrant.


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When I remember how bad I treated you sometime, because my mood swung, I feel like I wanna slap that person…. (which is me). Sorry…


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We are in love ♥ and it’s so obvious

We are in love ♥ and it’s so obvious


I love you for reasons beyond description — because any description would fail, because mere words are unable to convey to others the depth and expanse of my love for you, words would only serve to crudely render something so beautiful, as if a primitive man attempted to crudely sketch the Mona Lisa in charcoal on a cave wall — those words would be a laughable echo of the original subject of my affection
Oly’s description of his love for Bean